Monday, October 12, 2009

One Reader Writes ...

I remember as a child visiting my grandma's church.  The Sunday school teacher asked the class if they would die for Jesus.  I didn't tell a lie to blend into the crowd.  I said no, for in reality, I didn't know him then.  I'm pretty sure there was at least one saint praying for me when I left that day.

Fast forward a few years ... a local church has a bus that picks up kids on Sundays.  My brother and I start going.  I asked God into my heart at that time and I was baptized with my brother.  We stopped attending but my training/education was reestablished when a lady down the road (Mrs. Cobb) started having children's church during the week after school at her house.  She started picking me up and taking me to her church on Sundays.

Through Mrs. Cobb I gained a greater understanding of the Lord, and thus, access to the throne.  I became active in church teaching Sunday school and singing in the choir.  I was lured away from the church in my 20s and rededicated my life to the Lord 10 years ago.  Since then I've gone on a missionary trip to China and do homeland missionary work through the prison system.  I go to the ones that no one else wants and try to love them like I know Jesus loves them.

LaRora, Chattanooga, TN

LaRora, Thank you for that heart-felt testimony.  How many people out there have been led to Jesus through the love of someone like Mrs. Cobb.

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  1. I was led to Christ by my Sunday School Teacher when I was 15 years old. I am 68 years young now and I follow the same God today. May God Bless You.